“It’s not how much you give… but that you DO give…”


The Care Fund can assist in your fundraising effort. Together, we can help create your idea, event, marketing, branding, publicity or social media outreach! You, your organization, association, school or club can plan the best giving model that helps to keep our families, children and communities growing strong and vital. We will show you how. Contact the Care Fund at 480-305-8607 or 480.305.8611.


Annual Directed Giving Programs. Companies that share giving as a core value improve productivity, morale and loyalty. Align with the CARE FUND cause, and plan your employee/employer annual gift.


Sales-Driven Business. Seamless giving. Give through every transaction. Become an employee or client giving “community” within your business model. Create a direct donation every time you conduct a transaction. Automatic giving made easy. We will customize your donation contributions to your own business model.


Give on your timeline. As you grow your earnings, a simple Pledge commitment makes giving easier over the long term. Giving a little each pay period, commission or bonus period will insure that you meet your giving Pledge on your own time.


Products or Services. Sell a product – give $1. Sell thousands of products – give thousands of dollars to the CARE FUND. Create donation incentives with your products or services. Promote socially conscious leadership to your clients and customers.

If you are CARING and want to become a part of the CARE FUND dynamic, call our offices at 480.305.8607 OR 480.305.8611.

The Care Fund operates in conjunction with the Apollo Foundation, Inc a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization whose programs and services are funded entirely by private donation, corporate contributions and grants. Contributions made to the Care Fund/Apollo Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Please be sure to consult with your tax advisor. Our Federal Tax ID number is available upon request.