Philanthropic Contributor of the Year to Bill Rogers

Launching The Care Fund Is A Greatest Accomplishment

Scottsdale, AZ., July 10, 2014 – Bill Rogers, founder and CEO of Homeowners Financial Group and founder of the Care Fund, Arizona’s unique granting foundation to pay mortgage or rent for families with critically ill children, was awarded the coveted AREA Awards Philanthropic Contributor of the Year . Individuals or companies that have demonstrated positive impact to the residential real estate industry are celebrated through annual AREA awards or Arizona Real Estate Achievement Awards.

Homeowners Financial Group, or HFG, has been led by Bill Rogers since 2004, starting with just 12 employees. Today, over 200 employees in 9 cities are the result of years of a strong employee culture which strives to support the community with resources, volunteerism, donations, special events and now, its own foundation the Care Fund, which was created to help the very families the mortgage industry places in homes every day.

“We saw a basic need. When I visited Phoenix Children’s Hospital, many young children were alone, their parents unable to be by their bedside because they had to work to keep a roof over their head and their household running. I couldn’t imagine how alone a child must feel, ill or injured, without their parent(s) by their side.” stated Bill Rogers. He began to fulfill a community dream.

In 2013, HFG became the brain trust behind Arizona’s only 501(c) (3) foundation that could serve this unique community niche. Utilizing all the years of finance and mortgage knowledge, the Care Fund was developed to uniquely help families with ill or injured children, up to 18-years of age, and grant them bridge funds to keep them in their homes as their finances were drained due to the enormous burden of a health crisis.

To date, the Care Fund has supported over 70 Arizona families, which equates to more than 210 months of grants and over 17 years of payments. “Each family is unique. We learn all about their entire family. Even some parents lose their jobs during this time because it’s critical to spend valuable time with their child. It’s a devastating time and we’re so honored to help these families.” says Mr. Rogers.

2014 Members: John Foltz, Chairman – Ben Andrus – Primary Residential Mortgage, Bruce Beverly – Chief Executive Officer, Great American Title, Mark Bosco – Shareholder, Tiffany & Bosco, Garilyn Bourgeois – Director of Marketing, DMB Associates, Joe Brown – President, Tribal Waters, Steve Curley – Senior Vice President, Alliance Bank of Arizona, Dan Garrison – Attorney, Andante Law, Pat Lamb, Dave Pratt – Dave Pratt Live & Dave Pratt’s Doublewide Network, Bill Rogers – founder and CEO, Homeowners Financial Group and Founder Care Fund, John Slater – President, Merreel Slater Insurance, Johnny West – President, Yaptone Media, Pete Zuniga – Executive Vice President, Advantage Plus Credit Reporting, Rachael Mahaney – Security Title, Joe Piacentine, MD., MPPA, Fran Gibson – Academy Roofing and Robb Corwin, Founder of PRIDE Group LLC.

The Care Fund MISSION…To financially and resourcefully support Arizona families of children who endure financial hardship while experiencing extended illness or injury. The Care Fund grants mortgage or rent during an extended child’s health crisis.