2015 Closes Serving Over 260 Families

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Over $552,000 raised in 2015
Donors contribute $1.5 Million

Scottsdale, AZ., January 25, 2016– What started as the Care Fund foundation’s mission, keeping local Arizona families in their homes by granting mortgage or rent when their child has a medical crisis, has reached into 43 Arizona cities, helped over 260 local families and has become an integral community resource.
“We launched our foundation in 2013 and never could have imagined the vital mission that we were envisioning would reach this magnitude, this quickly, states co-founder Bill Rogers – CEO and founder of Homeowners Financial Group. In under 3 years, the Arizona community has rallied behind Care Fund to raise more than $1.5 million to support families in their own neighborhoods all over Arizona.”

Care Fund’s Executive Director explains, “When families experience a child’s medical crisis, a domino effect begins to erode their financial wherewithal. Extensive medical bills, continuing treatments and the high cost of drugs all quickly deplete savings. Many families must commute to an out-of-town hospital for treatment which is a further hardship. An extended illness requires constant attention, so parents lose their jobs. Other children in the family are displaced or neglected due to the extensive parental oversight of a sick child. The worst scenario is to lose a home while caring for a sick child.”

The “homeownership industry” was the cornerstone group that helped to establish the initial base of grant funds. Realtors, bankers, appraisers, title companies and companies who make up the homeownership industry came together to launch the Care Fund’s mission. “Our community service initiative at Eastmark is to strengthen the core of the family through homeownership – what better mission to match our own company’s vision than the Care Fund.” States Garilyn Bourgeois, Vice President Marketing Eastmark, DMB and newly elected 2016 Care Fund Chairman.

Now, many corporate organizations like Southwest Gas Corporation, or granting organizations like United Way recognize Care Fund as a valuable community resource. Outreach has reached statewide cities from Southern Arizona to the Four Corners area.

Families are referred statewide through major hospitals, case workers, hospice, home health and public referrals. Parents must qualify with a financial overview and validate their child’s condition through their primary physician. The average family grant is now approximately $2200. A typical length of time to grant a family is up to 3-months. Grant requests have doubled year over year.

Annual major fundraisers include a Celebrity Poker Tournament, Caddy Shack Golf Tournament, A.B. C.-Agents Benefiting Children residential Realtor competition, Single Professionals Auction at Bentley Polo Party, and one-of-a-kind desert bash called Desert Sky Gala. Transactional giving allows a company to earn income and give a donation to the Care Fund after each transaction. Sales organizations create an automated donation when the transaction or sale is completed. Many employers encourage employee donations. Care Fund also submits for available matching grants.