Board Highlights: December 2017



JOE BROWN, Founder, Tribal Waters

As one of the founding members of the Care Fund Board of Directors, Joe, his company and employees are huge supporters of our Arizona family mission. His enormous circle of clients, friends, vendors and family have all participated through Joe’s HUMBLE AND PERSISTENT SUPPORT of Care Fund fundraising and family grants. Tribal Waters supports all-things-Care Fund! AMAZING. He’s been extremely diligent when reviewing family grant files protecting the integrity of the Care Fund program. It doesn’t stop there! We THANK YOU JOE for the invaluable ties in creating our longstanding CELEBRITY POKER TOURNAMENT – from the success of landing our celebrities, field of professional poker players, numerous event donations as well as all of the enthusiasm that Joe brings to the Care Fund. CARING.



JOHN SLATER, Founder, Mareel Slater Insurance

Can’t say no… John Slater is celebrating his 4th year on the Care Fund Board of Directors. He’s attended nearly all of the best and biggest Care Fund fundraisers (might say that Desert Sky is his “cowboy fav!”). HATS OFF TO YOU JOHN for being instrumental in bringing long standing Sponsors to the Care Fund through deep roots in the health care system. Recently even Tucson wasn’t too far a trek to make another Care Fund sponsorship and connection to community ~ John sponsored a table at the first Tucson Care Fund Casino Corral event in October, with Mayor Rothschild and Publisher of the Arizona Daily Star, John D’Orlando. As typical to John’s good nature, his wife! won the cash raffle and DONATED IT BACK TO THE CARE FUND. You’re ONE OF A KIND John, our gratitude for your continued support!



TERRI BOURQUIN, Founder, Arizona Management Partners

How does she do it? A calendar FULL of COMPASSION! Newly elected to the Board of Directors in 2017, Terri rose through the ranks of volunteering for the Care Fund Advisory Board and was highly recommended to join the BOD. Her radiant smile and POSITIVE ATTITUDE make Terri a formidable community relations advocate for Care Fund’s important family work throughout the state. She will not show up at a meeting or networking event without introducing someone new into the fold. Always ADVOCATING, the Bouquin style is to “just do it” and volunteer for any assignment – no matter how small. She jumped at the chance to volunteer for TUCSON’S CARE FUND CASINO CORRAL – helping hundreds of new advocates to enjoy a first time Care Fund event! From SPONSORING FUNDRAISING, to still attending Advisory Board meetings as a means to grow our community footprint, Terri is APPRECIATED by the Board of Directors and management of the Care Fund. A true NIKE GIRL – “just does it!”



BRENT SULLIVAN, Loan Officer, Homeowners Financial Group

Kind, concerned and ALWAYS AT THE READY for Care Fund! Brent has an amazing view of life ~ he is prepared for supporting Care Fund in any capacity. KUDOS. Volunteering for the first Advisory Board, Brent stepped up duties to LEAD education and training of volunteer registration and payment technology for Care Fund events. He’s been so THOUGHTFUL AND GENEROUS to have donated 15 ipads to process funds, which create a smooth registration for community donors and guests alike. BRENT attends more events and is credited with the MOST VOLUNTEER HOURS to date! He takes Care Fund’s cause seriously, but always with a smile and enthusiasm, Brent style!



ALIESHA BRARD, Founder, Homeowners Financial Insurance

They will follow… There’s every reason to celebrate the Care Fund when Aliesha Brard is involved! SUPER INVOLVED Aliesha pulls out all the stops for any assignment related to volunteering for the Care Fund. GRATEFUL FOR ALIESA’S GENEROSITY. From inception, she’s been an ardent supporter for the families who we serve (attending our benchmark Desert Sky Gala right after major surgery!) now that’s COMMITMENT. From sponsorships, volunteer duties, networking and awareness campaigns – she’s DONE IT ALL as an inspirational community and business leader. Aliesha is also known for her stellar cooking skills – from full turkey dinners for the entire office to the best ‘Martha Stewart style’ homemade cookies. She rarely misses saying THANK YOU, so back at ya’ sister Care Fund!



REBECCA THEUNNISEN, Vice President, Banahan Communications

The picture of calm, cool and together, Rebecca is a NATURAL COLLABORATOR for the Care Fund Advisory. There are thousands of hours dedicated to building and executing the annual fundraisers – yet with volunteers, they have to be able to step in and IMMEDIATELY TAKE CHARGE of many volunteers in short order. Rebecca is highly skilled and the consummate organized professional in the health care insurance industry, which lends years of her expertise to Care Fund. FORTUNATE to have Rebecca on the CARE FUND TEAM! Taking charge of training for registration, to ticket sales, raffle and auction events accounting, she has consistently demonstrated that it’s “all for the children” of the CARE FUND. Rebecca is considered part of the original Care Fund Advisory team WHOSE SELFLESS CONCERN FOR OTHERS is a hallmark to her formidable character!



MALEA NORRIS, Founder, Vista Point Properties

There’s no stopping Malea! If Care Fund needs Tucson info, or there’s a new contact to meet or another auction item to secure – simply ask Malea Norris and it’s DONE. With her big close knit family, Malea is definitely in charge of the can-do spirit. Husband Bill and daughter Danae also fully EMBRACE THE CARE FUND and volunteer at every turn. Having lived in Phoenix, her family moved to Tucson. As the Care Fund ventured into Wild Cat country ~ there were IMMEDIATE AND WELCOME open arms by the Norris family of professionals, who are successful in real estate as well as Hotel and hospitality. THANKFUL for such good community advocates, Malea Norris talks the talks and TRULY WALKS THE WALK for Care Fund!



CYNTHIA DIAZ, Branch Manager, Wells Fargo

Cynthia has MORE IDEAS than the light! bulb when it comes to Care Fund. She’s fast thinking and will find a way to make things happen at a moment’s notice. Her brilliance and great personality help to build Care Fund’s presence and awareness in Tucson through her strong business contacts and network. She’s involved Wells employees to help volunteer for Care Fund events and has made it a mission to attend most every monthly meeting SHARING GREAT LEADS, COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS AND VOLUNTEERING all for the passion of caring about community. GOOD JOB CYNTHIA and we look to you for your continued community leadership, dedication and a bounty of connections to grow Tucson’s Care Fund footprint.



BRUCE GRANT, Benefits Consultant, CBIZ, Inc.

Like clockwork, Bruce is so dependable we can set the Care Fund monthly meeting by HIS COMMITMENT to be present and to participate. As a successful industry executive, both Bruce and his wife live professional lives as well as community GIVING as true passions with purpose. He is quick with his responses as he is serious about his service to the Tucson community. Whether simple volunteer assignment after work, or securing a mega sponsorship, BRUCE IS AN ASSET to his community. An east coast transplant, the now Tucson community leader is SO APPRECIATIVE of the great life he’s experiencing as a Tucson volunteer to CARE Fund as well as other significant non-profits. We can COUNT ON BRUCE to be a backbone of Care Fund through his support, solid input and participation in everything we create together. THANKS TO BRUCE for a GREAT CARE FUND YEAR!