Make a donation to Care Fund with each purchase on AmazonSmile.

How to choose your charity:

  1.  Log into your Amazon Account and go to “My Account”
  2.  Scroll down to “Change my Charity”
  3.  In the search box, enter “Care Fund”
  4.  Choose “Care Fund, Scottsdale”

How to order using your charity:

  1.  Go to Smile.Amazon.com
  2.  Log into your Amazon Account
  3.  Purchases you make will now be credited to Care Fund.
  4.  When you are logged into your account under Smile.Amazon.com you will see a message in the upper left corner saying Supporting : Care Fund.
  5.  .5% of all orders will donated to Care Fund by Amazon.

Each time you log into Amazon, please use Smile.Amazon.com to be sure that your order is being credited to Care Fund.  There will be a kind reminder if you go into amazon.com directly asking you if you want to use AmazonSmile instead.  🙂