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Meet Care Fund Kid Delilah

In 2020, Delilah received a heart transplant.

Since then, she's had to learn how to eat, crawl, walk, etc., all over again and she was diagnosed with left-sided hemiplegic cerebral palsy and autism. She is non-verbal and delayed, operating at the age of a 2 1/2 year-old when she is almost 5 years old.

Delilah was recently admitted to the ER after being completely lethargic, passing out, and unable to keep down food and liquids. Upon arrival she quickly went into septic shock, was intubated, and placed on ECMO. She is now off of ECMO but remains in the CVICU (cardio vascular ICU) with the possibility of needing a chest tube long-term.

Care Fund is honored to aid Delilah and her family.

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