What We Do

For almost a decade

We have been helping families across Arizona

Care Fund financially and resourcefully supports Arizona families who endure financial hardship while experiencing extended illness or injury of their children. Their mission: providing mortgage or rent assistance during a child’s extended health crisis.

They strive to help meet the needs of families who find themselves emotionally destroyed, financially harmed, alone, and mentally incapable of dealing with what we believe is the most helpless situation imaginable — when their child faces a fight for their life. Families can turn to Care Fund for caring, resources and support.

In just 5 years, Care Fund has assisted over 550 families in 55 Arizona cities.

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How We Help

Mortgage Payments

Care Fund grants mortgage payments directly to the mortgage holder. Payments are made in a timely manner considering a family’s immediate health and financial crisis. 

Lifestyle Resources

Care Fund collaborates with diverse community non-profits which all provide different services or resources that a family may require during their child’s medical and financial crisis.

Rent Payments

Care Fund grants rent payments directly to the landlord.  Payments are made in a timely manner considering a family’s immediate health and financial crisis.

Community Support

Care Fund has multi-tiered Boards and Advisory community volunteers who are committed and resourceful business leaders to support families in crisis. 

Your Donations at Work

EXAMPLE: The “Smith” Family
3 month mortgage grant of $3,825.00

Their monthly mortgage is $1275.00. They are in desperate need of 3-months of Care Fund Support, to bridge their finances and stay in their home. Our approved grant will pay 3-months of mortgage direct to their lender.

EXAMPLE: The “Jones” Family
2 month rent grant of $1,650.00

Their monthly rent payment is $825.00. They will lose their apartment if they cannot bridge 2-months of rent, to stay in their residence. Our approved grant will pay 2-months of rent direct to their landlord.

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