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Meet Riley Grace

The White Family are a wonderful family. When they were blessed with the birth of their daughter Riley Grace, their world quickly changed.

Riley Grace White was born on July 11, 2012 with Trisomy 21 and Congenital Heart Disease which put her into Cognestive Heart Failure. She underwent her first open heart sugery on November 14th which ultimately led to multi-system organ failure and a second heart surgery on November 24th. A third heart surgery was performed on December 7th during which doctors were able to correct her mitral valve in order for Riley to begin thriving.  She was allowed to return home on Christmas Eve. Riley’s struggle has continued since then. She is fed through a direct tube to her stomach which was made permanent in March of 2013. Althought Riley is stable enough to be cared for at home, she is on track for a fourth heart surgery to replace her mitral valve with an artificial valve within the next year.

Little Riley’s battle has surely put a strain on the White family. Because both parents have had to take extensive time off to care for Riley, they both have lost their jobs, picking up work here and there to make ends meet. Through the struggle, the White’s remain heavily reliant on faith saying, “We believe He has saved her [Riley] life for right now for a good reason, to bring much needed love to our family”.

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