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To financially and resourcefully support Arizona families who endure financial hardship while experiencing extended illness or injury of their children. The Care Fund provides mortgage and rent support during a child’s extended health crisis.



We will serve our community like family by extending our sincere caring to Arizona families. Families caring for a child during an extended health crisis are reassured that with the help of the Care Fund, their home will be secure.



A parent should never have to choose between working to pay their mortgage over caring for their ill child. We embrace the responsibility to help our community through education, financial resources and volunteerism.



Arizona families turn to us for caring, resources and financial support. For more than a decade, we have been here for them while they endure the financial and emotional hardship of experiencing the extended illness or injury of their child. We strive to meet the needs of these families who are emotionally distraught, financially harmed and utterly alone in dealing with the most helpless situation imaginable: Watching their child face a fight for his or her life.


Care Fund is a heartfelt collaboration between local and national companies, employees, countless volunteers, and a truly generous donor community. We also maintain meaningful community collaborations with hospital social work and case management staff and local nonprofits dedicated to sick kids, for family referral sources. Together, we come together to support families by keeping them in their homes and providing a small sense of peace.



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Our History

Bill Rogers, Founder, President & CEO of Homeowners Financial Group, has long been committed to community philanthropy. But not until he and a passionate, close-knit team of HFG employees became dedicated to Care Fund’s founding, its fundraising and its support of Arizona families in 2010 did Care Fund find its wings and its mission:

We help families whose children face serious and extended illness or injury with mortgage or rent financial support.

Bill and the team at HFG worked diligently—and still do!—to secure the robust support of Arizona’s homeownership industry in this incredible mission. Working with hospitals, case workers and the health and welfare community, Care Fund ensures a financial and emotional bridge to overcoming each family’s “impossible” struggle. We hope to build a stronger, more stable family environment for all Arizonans.

We think you’ll agree that Care Fund’s history is both compelling and simple: With this Fund, we exist to Care for our neighbors in their darkest hours of need. Now, isn’t that something you’re willing to stand behind? Donate today.

“By creating the Care Fund, we take responsibility to care for our community of families requiring emergency housing support, as if it were our own family in crisis.”



Founder of Care Fund



Care Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports Arizona families. We have robust Phoenix- and Tucson-based Advisory Councils and community support, particularly from the homeownership industry. We have assisted over 5,000 family members across Arizona through resources and over $3M in rent and mortgage payments.

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"Let me start by saying thank you so much for helping us pay our rent! I'm so thankful to the Care Fund for allowing my family to be with me in Phoenix so I could be with my son during those scary times. You lifted a financial stress that could have made us lose our home. As I write that, it brings tears to my eyes as I relive those moments of fear and stress, and the moment you told me your organization was going to lift a burden during the worst time in our life. Thank you for making that possible!"

-Care Fund family

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