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Meet Care Fund Kid Blue

Blue was born with Gastroschisis. At birth, part of his bowel was twisted and had to be removed. He was in the NICU for 2 months after birth and he is now back in the hospital after catching 2 stomach viruses. Due to his previous issues, it takes him much longer to ride out a typical stomach bug. Some of his symptoms include severe diarrhea and vomiting. Blue is on trial antibiotics and has been at PCH since May 1.

Blue's mom works for a caregiving facility that paid for her to be his primary caregiver. Once he was admitted to the hospital, his mom is no longer earning an income as the hospital has now become his primary caregiver.

In addition to Blue's Gastroschisis, he has developed shortgut syndrome, GT dependence, total parenteral nutrition (TPN)/SMOFlipid, and jejunostomy.

Blue's father is currently the only financial support for the family. Care Fund provided them with 2 months of rent assistance.

The learn more about how to help other Arizona families like Blue's, please visit

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