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Meet Care Fund Kid Jessica

Jessica has had complications since birth. Before her birth, her mom Jacinta had pregnancy complications that required her own hospitalization 30 days prior to Jessica’s birth.

Jessica was born premature with several diagnoses including aortic atresia, VSD, and hypoplastic aortic arch. Before she was even 3 months old, she received an open heart surgery for Norwood BT shunt placement.

She will require intensive therapies, PT/OT/SLPY, tube feeding, and must remain in the CVICU until her next palliation surgery.

Jessica’s parents Jacinta and Godsway both graduated from ASU where they met, and are currently engaged. Jacinta was on 60% of her income during her time in the hospital and then on unpaid leave. The medical costs and additional needs over the past 5 months with hospital stays has taken its toll on this family of 3.

Care Fund is honored to have given support to Jessica and her family.

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