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Meet Care Fund Kid Danae

Meet Danae! Danae, a courageous little girl, was diagnosed with a rare diagnosis of Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma this past June 2022, which led to her hospitalization at PCH for a period of 5 days in July. Unfortunately, her journey took another challenging turn when she required another 5-day admission in August. Ever since then, Danae has been enduring a rigorous 42-week treatment plan, involving weekly chemotherapy sessions of 6-8 weeks of daily radiation.

Adding to the families immense burden, Danae resides in a single-parent household, where her mother has made the difficult, but necessary decision to take unpaid leave from work in order to provide the necessary care for her child.

Amidst the already overwhelming concerns regarding rent, utilities, and putting food on the table, one of the most pressing anxieties for Danae's mother is the financial strain of affording transportation. Their residence is located 26 miles away from Phoenix Children's Hospital, resulting in a demanding round trip of 52 miles, undertaken five times a week.

Further intensifying the already challenging financial circumstances; they face losing their home due to lack of funds for their rent payments.

To learn more and support families like Danae's by providing rent and mortgage assistance, please visit

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