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Meet Care Fund Kid Ellory

Ellory was born very premature after her mother Megan was air-vacked to Phoenix Children’s Hospital from Flagstaff after a routine checkup.

She was born at just 24 weeks - the minimal viable gestational age. She has since faced many challenges including respiratory failure, ROP (vision loss due to prematurity), bronchopulmonary dysplasia (lung disease), pulmonary hypertension, rectal prolapse, hernia, and brain bleeds.

Ellory is now dependent on a trachetomy, ventilator, and g-tube. When she leaves the hospital, she will still require full time medical care, and will have extensive medical needs throughout her childhood.

Since Ellory has been hospitalized since her birth in March 2023, mom has been staying in Phoenix while her dad, Nick, remains in Flagstaff to work, visiting as often as he can. They were unable to stay at Ronald McDonald House and some other rental properties due to the size of their family dog, causing them to spend more money on additional housing in Phoenix.

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