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Meet Care Fund Kid Rihan

Meet Rihan!

Rihan was born with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS). WAS is a rare genetic immunodeficiency that keeps a child's immune system from functioning properly.

There are only 1-10 cases per million in North America. WAS also makes it difficult for a child's bone marrow to produce platelets, making a child prone to bleeding. Rihan has been hospitalized since 1/6/2023 and received a bone marrow transplant on 1/16/2023. He has had 5 different surgeries/procedures to date.

Many of his medical expenses are not covered by insurance and must be paid out of pocket. Due to milk allergies and an immune deficiency, Rihan requires a special formula that costs $400 a month in addition to all of his other medical expenses.

Rihan's father is the sole financial support for the family of five.

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