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Saguaros Award $100,000 to the Care Fund

The Saguaros award $100,000 grant to Scottsdale-based Care Fund Nonprofit’s mortgage, rent assistance program enables families in crisis to remain in homes

The Care Fund assists families who have a child battling illness or injury with rent or mortgage payments for a short time. The Saguaros gave the Care Fund a grant to help the organization. Pictured is the Blair family, who have been recipients of the Care Fund.

Posted Monday, October 24, 2022 8:00 am

The Saguaros recently awarded a $100,000 grant to Care Fund, a nonprofit organization in Scottsdale. The grant will be used towards Care Fund’s Mortgage and Rent Assistance program to provide funds that enable local Arizona families with children experiencing an extended health crisis to remain in their homes, according to a press release. The support from Care Fund enables families to spend more time focusing on their child’s needs, remain stable and secure in

their home, and reallocate their funds to other needs. “This grant will have a direct impact on the lives of Arizona families experiencing challenges most of us can’t even imagine,” said The Saguaros Charities Chair Trent Hancock. “The goal of Care Fund’s Mortgage and Rent Assistance program helps to prevent further trauma from eviction, foreclosure, moving and homelessness; and to provide stable housing for critically ill and injured children so that they may heal faster, physically and emotionally.”

For children, multiple moves can negatively influence behavior and social development and lead to poor academic performance and educational attainment. For families, credit ratings can be damaged, plus additional costs associated with a housing search and moving can be incurred. Multiple moves can also exacerbate family turbulence — interfering with parents’ abilities to keep consistent schedules for their children (mealtime, bedtime, bath time, etc.) and escalating incidents of spousal and child abuse.

Care Fund works collaboratively with hospital social workers, physicians, health care professionals, hospitals, and clinics to refer families to its Mortgage and Rent Assistance Program and assistance is provided for an average of two months.

“For many parents, the balance between maintaining a career and managing the complexities and demands of their child’s chronic health problems becomes unsustainable,” said Care Fund Executive Director Barb Bowers. “In addition, while housing costs in Arizona have soared, incomes have not increased at the same rate. Many families live on the edge financially with high debt and little savings. For these families, an extended health crisis can be the tipping point leading to financial ruin. Donors like The Saguaros help stop this from occurring.”

Members of The Saguaros raise funds throughout the year to support Arizona children’s charities like Care Fund with two signature events — the NiteFlite golf tournament and gala, which will be held Nov. 11-12 at McCormick Ranch Golf Club and The W Scottsdale; and the Olympiad, an event that engages the residential and commercial real estate industries in a fundraising effort that culminates with an Olympic-style competition at Scottsdale Stadium in the spring.,337170

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