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Tucsonan Derrick Polder Named to Care Fund Board of Directors

Tucson business leader and community advocate, Derrick Polder, has been confirmed as the newest member of the Care Fund Board of Directors, joining one of Arizona’s most impactful non-profit organizations.

Polder is the founder of The Polder Group at Cross Country Mortgage. He is supported in his philanthropy endeavors through his mentorship role for Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, as part of their Emerging Leaders program. Emerging Leaders is a diverse team of under-40, upwardly mobile young professionals rooted in the Tucson community whose mission is to accelerate the growth of Tucson's business climate along with their own careers. Also, he is an Honorary Commander DMAFB, and a founding and active member of Empower Coalition. Derrick was a past Board of Director member of Tu Nidito for 7 years.

Launching Care Fund in Tucson 2013 with the support of the Mayor’s Office and the publisher of The Daily Star, hundreds of business leaders gathered to hear a local 17-year-old young woman tell of her cancer ordeal and how a Care Fund grant allowed her family to stay in their home while she battled cancer. Over a decade of local Tucson family granting, Care Fund pays mortgage or rent grants to families whose children are seriously ill or injured, from birth to 18-years of age. In an unforeseen child’s medical emergency, finances are a threat to a family’s home and stability. A parent should not have to be forced to choose paying their rent or mortgage, over taking care of their ill child. Many face foreclosure because of job loss or eviction because of inflation and outrageous medical bills. The Care Fund strives to keep families and neighborhoods stable and to preserve the home environment so that the ill child may come back to their place of safety and comfort.

“I’m honored as well as anxious to serve the needs of families right here in Tucson. With community growth comes more families whose finances are seriously strained to keep up, let alone a child’s medical emergency. Care Fund bridges that gap with donations, so parents can focus all their energy on their child’s healing. We are on a mission to advance the local Care Fund Tucson Advisory Council with professionals, decision makers, who understand our community, volunteerism, and service to others. We host many events and are highly qualified partners for fundraisers. We will kick off a major 2023 Fall event. Our families need our diverse strengths to continue to provide funds so they may stay in their homes. It is a gift to be able to give back.” States Derrick Polder, The Polder Group at CrossCountry Mortgage.

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