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Care Fund Corner: Ava

Be STRONG, Be BRAVE… Meet Ava, who enjoys first grade and is active in gymnastics and Girl Scouts. She excels at reading, math and loves crafts!

A parent’s worst nightmare… a routine ophthalmology appointment discovered Ava had two Optic Nerve Gliomas or tumors. The diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis, or NF1 is a genetic disorder, although 50% diagnosed are from a spontaneous mutation at conception, which is Ava’s case.

Their medical and financial crisis began with… multiple doctors, specialists, a minimum year of chemo, radiology, sedated MRI’s every three months, regular anesthesia, weekly medications, travel from Tucson to Phoenix and Minnesota. NF is a lifelong disease with no cure.

“Words can’t describe what Care Fund gave to our family. By granting our mortgage payment, we used those funds toward Ava’s insurmountable medical bills – a blessing!”

The Care Fund grants mortgage or rent to help families like Ava’s to remain in their home while caring for their ill child. Click here to make your gift donation and help local families like Ava’s cope with LIFE’S UNFORESEEN CHANGES.

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