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Care Fund Corner: Evan

Unforeseen Medical Crisis

“EVAN is like any other young high-school athlete, yet his life changed in an instant…”

Meet Evan, an enthusiastic local Desert Vista High School volleyball and basketball fanatic! At 17 years old, Evan was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his femur and is currently in his 3rd round of chemo. He will undergo“limb salvage” surgery where his leg will be repaired with a titanium rod. Evan has been hospitalized four times for a Biopsy and had three chemo rounds, with more rounds expected.

Life changed only 45 days ago both medically and financially. Evan’s family has experienced an increase in medical and living expenses. Transportation costs have increased over $300 monthly. Prescription drugs are up $400 monthly. Dad has exhausted his vacation time. The biopsy alone will require them to pay over $3,000. Evan will have additional inpatient treatments and several rounds of outpatient visits over the next 18-24 months.

The Care Fund grants mortgage or rent to help families like Evan’s to remain in their home while caring for their ill child. Click here to make your gift donation and help local families like Evan’s cope with LIFE’S UNFORESEEN CHANGES.

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