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Care Fund Corner: Leah

Meet 8-month-old preemie Leah!

About Leah's Condition. Leah had a tough birth situation. The family was in a bad accident, causing Mom to go into labor early. Leah's first few months were difficult, and she was misdiagnosed several times due to her traumatic birth.

Finally, after being properly tested, she was diagnosed with having bilateral renal masses called Wilm’s Tumor. Leah was in the NICU for many months, where she received induction chemotherapy for 6 weeks and then radiation. Little Leah was released home at 8 months old.

Financially, Mom lost her income with FMLA and Dad was recovering from the accident and spending as much time as possible with Mom and Leah in the hospital. He eventually lost his job because he was away too much. To say the least, it has been a traumatic time for them all.

The help Care Fund donors has provided has given the family some solace and space to breathe and take care of Leah. THANK YOU! If you know of any families who need Care Fund's support, please do let us know at

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